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Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in a Wrap ?

DESIGN – With your vehicle model, we fit the wrap to your specifications. Choose a design or talk to a representative about a custom wrap.

PRODUCTION – All our vehicle and fleet graphics are digitally printed with solvent-based, exterior-grade, UV-resistant inks. We use conformable, removable vinyl and perforated window film from 3M, Avery and others. All images are over laminated with a UV-resistant matte, satin or gloss finish film (your choice) for additional protection from fading, salt, sand, road grime and physical abrasion. Our prints are rated for 3-5 years exterior exposure with no fading, cracking or peeling.

INSTALLATION – Your wrap will be scheduled for installation after your art is approved and print is in production.

Will a Wrap damage my paint or gel coat?

In most cases wraps will not damage factory paint jobs, wraps protect your paint and gel coat form UV rays and road grime, rock chips.

How is a Wrap produced?

Your wrap will be printed on a large-format printer. Think of the color printer that you have on your desktop, only with a width of at least 54″. The biggest difference between your desktop printer and the one that will print your wrap is that the wrap printers use a type of solvent ink that is much more durable than what you would print at your home or office. The wrap is then laminated with a vinyl laminate that protects against marks, abrasions and fading.

How long will my Wrap last?

Depending on sun exposure, typical wraps are good for 3-5 years. It also depends on how you care for your wrap, your wrap could last indefinitely.

What happens if my Wrap gets damaged?

Wraps can get damaged sometimes and need to be replaced. For that reason, we produce these graphics via computer generated files and are able to produce sections of the graphics upon demand.

If your Graphic got damaged and your gel coat does not need repair, contact Big Splash Graphics to arrange your wrap repair.

If your gel coat got damaged, make arrangements to get the areas repaired. When making those arrangements please contact us so we can prepare your files your printing.

How long will it take to do my Wrap?

This depends on the job. When your wrap is ready for installation, it can typically be wrapped in a day or two. Always make sure to ask your sales person about the time line, as each job is different.

How much will my Wrap cost?

This depends on the wrap package you purchase, since Wraps are priced by the Square Foot of material used every project is different. Although this does allow for us to tailor a design to fit inside your per vehicle budget. If you want a custom design package please request an all-inclusive price quote from the sales team at Big Splash Graphics today.

Will gasoline affect the wrap?

Big Splash Graphics provides 3M protection against fuels and oils. Gasoline will eat through the vinyl wrap if not protected so special care must be taken around fuel. Please wipe down areas immediately.

Can you cover windows with wrap material?

Perforated window film can be used for your windows. Exactly what you see on city busses, you can see out but can't really see in. Somewhat of a tint, but with graphics printed on the film.

Can I modify concepts and customize?

Modifying an existing concept is possible. Layouts can be provided for windows, towers, full or partial graphic panels. Contact Big Splash Graphics for details, additional design rates may apply.

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